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Tapasya Yoga
Life without tapas is like a heart without love… Yoga school Tapasya Yoga has existed since 2010. Its founder is Master Ravinder Jangra. In order to save, organize and transfer the knowledge and many years of experience of personal practice with his disciples, he left the ascetic small hut on the banks of the Ganges […]
Principles of Practice
The basic principles of Tapasya Yoga practice or How to practice yoga with pleasure Tapasya Yoga provides a holistic approach to yoga studying and teaching. Methodology is based on the core principles of practice, namely: 1. Discipline and self-discipline The ability to organize yourself and to follow all the teacher’s instructions. Self-discipline is part of […]
Lesya Pukasyuk
It’s been almost a week since I have been back in Ukraine, but still every night, closing my eyes, I hit India again. There are a lot of impressions and emotions – all of which are mixed up in an incredible mess in my head. Now I think about how to save that state of peace and harmony in my soul which I discovered in India—how not to rise to the provocations of the world around us. Thank you very much for the seminar.
Vasilina Carucci
Hello my dear Helen and Ravinder!!! I returned home well… I want to thank you for helping me change my life for the better! I hope to see you again! When you go to Ukraine, just let me know and I will definitely join you if I have a chance! The seminar is super!
Irina Valchuk
I was practicing yoga with different tutors. But intuitively I was looking for a tutor who will help give impetus to my own development. I am grateful for the time and place that I found out about Ravinder and his practice. I want to say that already one month after, I felt my body anew. I got into contact with it. The body became more flexible, and moreover – my mind too. I was going to trainings with many blocks, clamps in my body and head. At Ravinder’s yoga classes I realized that everything is possible! And that the body is able and knows a lot, but we constantly do not let it relax, or stretch better, we are afraid to examine it. I am so grateful to Ravinder and Helen, that they gave me the possibility to be with them and to practice yoga.
Pardeep Yogi
Pardeep Yogi is a well-known yoga teacher and Reiki Master in Rishikesh. Yogi has dedicate his life for self-development and realization of the soul. Pardeep teaches in a correct and honest way helping to the students to realize what is the real goal of yoga.      
Ravindra Tomar
Master Ravindra is a passionate, dynamic, innovative and inspirational yoga teacher who brings his energy, humour and philosophy to every class he teaches. He believes in making yoga a holistic discipline. His yogic practice and teachings aims at attaining sound mental health, physical rejuvenation and spiritual blissfulness. He has been born and brought up the […]
Elena Rushchak
Born in Ukraine, in a small town in the Khmelnytskyi region, she spent her childhood with her grandmother in the village. Perhaps this was the cause of her love of freedom, and infinite passion for nature and its beauty. She started practicing yoga at age 15 along with karate. She was attracted to these disciplines […]
Rajesh Bhatt
Rajesh Bhatt – Master of yoga and meditation. He was born in the Himalayas, and during the youth age -period the great yogis were met on his lifepath. The boy drank the anchient knowledge from them and also an inspiration for the non-stop personal pracice. Deep knowledge of psychology (Master Degree) is helping to the […]
Ravinder Jangra
Ravinder Jangra is a teacher of hatha yoga and Yoga therapy in Rishikesh city, India. He is a founder and a head of yoga studio «Tapasya Yoga» in Rishikesh city. He studies Yoga for more than 20 years. Ravinder is a Champion of India in yoga sport (4 golden medals, 2003-2006). Senior Yoga Teacher by […]
Natasha Dyachok
Regarding the seminar and trip to India in general – we all are still in euphoria, everybody at training was waiting for our stories (and there are so many impressions, that the second training is all about answering questions). Next year the company will be bigger. We are so happy, in my opinion, everything was well thought-out and organized. So much to experience, to see, to learn, and just for two weeks! All of our friends and acquaintances can see how we have changed, especially our eyes. Thank you for everything! We look forward to Ravinder, but we’re not just missing, we practice! Helen, don’t forget to call us, greetings to everyone.
Svetlana Nagorna
Thank you so much again for things that happened/ and that are happening/ with us. If from the first days in India our “hello” was very strained, then in recent days “namaste” was coming from the soul and I had a strong desire to hug everybody. The help, assistance, and support of Ravinder’s family and relatives were especially pleasant. And Devchik was just bringing joy to everyone. That is totally apart and above all – it’s the Himalayas, Gomukh, none of the words can describe these emotions, feelings, and impressions… What I would definitely like to change – that it would be a longer stay there. A very intense and varied programme. And we, Ukrainians, want everything more and more/ for example, shopping, pharmacies, etc. See you soon Svetlana

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