Principles of Practice

The basic principles of Tapasya Yoga practice
How to practice yoga with pleasure

Tapasya Yoga provides a holistic approach to yoga studying and teaching. Methodology is based on the core principles of practice, namely:

1. Discipline and self-discipline

The ability to organize yourself and to follow all the teacher’s instructions. Self-discipline is part of tapasya, and this is what we need in everyday life. Tapasya means doing beneficial things to our mind and body, even if we don’t like or don’t want to do that. It’s like a drug: sometimes it is sweet and sometimes – bitter but in any event it medicates away the disease. Yoga it is a cure for physical or mental suffering. Without self-discipline progress in Yoga can’t be reached.

2. Inspiration and motivation

which is especially important at the beginning of practice and sometimes for someone throughout the life. When we are moved by a strong motivation or yoga inspiration, we receive more from yoga lessons than if we would be doing that just for appearance’s sake. Look for inspiration everywhere: in nature, art, in your teacher… It’s amazing, but on the yoga path motivation need disappears. The practice itself becomes a motivation. Because you begin to enjoy that state of mental silence, serenity and carelessness which appears during practice and still remains for some time after. And gradually this state gets into your daily life: in every second of being there is growing awareness, emotions stop to enslave your mind and you reach more and more self-control over yourself and your life.

3.  Graduality

Yoga is like a journey through the razor’s edge and if you are in a hurry, you can stumble. That’s why you shouldn’t do those practices to which you are not physically or mentally ready. Everything has its time. In fact, besides the discomfort, rush in yoga practices can bring danger. As a rule, a teacher defines student’s readiness to certain practices.

4. Individuality

During Yoga you are one-on-one with the teacher even if there are 30 people besides you in the room. Appreciate your own individuality and don’t compare yourself with others. After all a healthy ego – it is the lack of comparison and desire to be better than your neighbors on the mat. Try only to be better than you are and become perfect just for yourself. Competition in Yoga is an unhealthy motivation and can lead you to negative consequences.

5. The presence of a master

is especially important at the beginning of your yoga practice way. A book or video will never replace live communication with a person and it can’t point out your mistakes. And a considerate and patient master will not only do that, but also will share with you all the secrets of practice you will not find in any of books. Even during a group practice you can get individual instructions from the teacher.

6. Injury prevention

This is achieved by following the principles described above: discipline, graduality, individuality and presence of master.

7. Purification

Body purification from poisons and toxins plays a considerable role in Tapasya Yoga: shatkarmas and kriyas. Typically, purification is an essence in the beginning of practice. After leading a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy food, you pay more and more attention to other aspects of sadhana (practice). A purification course is selected individually for every practitioner and is done under the guidance of teacher.
It is worth mentioning that Shatkarmas (purifying techniques) affect not only the physical body, but also affect the thinner psycho-energetic layers of our being, providing thus a positive effect on mind. So since the physical and mental plans are linked very tightly by purifying physically we change as persons, getting rid of many negative psychological habits and programs and thereby achieving a sense of real freedom.

8. Regularity

Regularity is the secret of success. But, unfortunately, many people forget about it and want to have the result after a few lessons. But progress in yoga is transparent, as, for example, the growth of a tree or a child. If your practice is correct and regular then the result will not take long.

9. Focus on the process and not on the result

This is one of the most important points in yoga which also exists in everyday life. Do all your actions with maximum efficiency and full devotion and then the result will surely appear.

Following the basic principles of Tapasya Yoga practice, you will get the maximum benefit from lessons. And what is most important, the practice will bring you real pleasure, a sense of freedom and harmony.

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