Elena Rushchak

Born in Ukraine, in a small town in the Khmelnytskyi region, she spent her childhood with her grandmother in the village. Perhaps this was the cause of her love of freedom, and infinite passion for nature and its beauty.

She started practicing yoga at age 15 along with karate. She was attracted to these disciplines primarily because of philosophy; it seemed that the meaning of life is hidden somewhere in these practices.

“I was incredibly impressed by the biographies and the path to enlightenment of Indian saints, especially by Paramahamsa Yogananda, Swami Rama, and Ramana Maharshi – the sage who has achieved spontaneous enlightenment at age 16. At that time, I read almost everything that I could find about yoga—both works by contemporary authors, as well as the classical texts.

Later, I had to sacrifice my training in karate for the pursuit of a more in-depth study and practice of hatha yoga. I received great inspiration, knowledge, and experience in the regular classes and seminars of famous Ukrainian and foreign teachers at numerous conferences on yoga.

In 2006 I started to conduct classes by invitation from yoga studios. In the same year, I achieved Gurumantra in the tradition of Devraha Babaji from Guruja Dev Das, and I attended seminars that were a huge inspiration and support in my development of yoga practice.

After graduation from university in 2007, I flew to India to study yoga and to travel. In 2009 I held a yoga workshop in Nepal, after which I returned to India where I continue to live and train periodically until the present.

My yoga teaching started very smoothly and naturally but, interestingly enough, I did not have the goal of becoming a teacher. My best friends asked me to carry out a yoga class for them, and I thought ‘Why not?’ After all, it’s great to share what leads to happiness J Yes, all of us are either aware or not that we are in the pursuit of happiness. We see happiness in different things; people, wealth, or fame. We even know that all this is variable and unstable, and yet we still perceive every small achievement as an incentive to continue the search for happiness in the outside world. Yoga gives the real understanding that true happiness is, in fact, a state of inner balance and peace that is not dependent on external circumstances. Yoga directs our search into the inner world, helping us to become a true master of our life by eliminating the bondage of body, mind, and emotions. Yoga, in my opinion, is one of the most effective and advanced methods of self-development.”


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