Ravinder Jangra

Ravinder Jangra is a teacher of hatha yoga and Yoga therapy in Rishikesh city, India. He is a founder and a head of yoga studio «Tapasya Yoga» in Rishikesh city. He studies Yoga for more than 20 years. Ravinder is a Champion of India in yoga sport (4 golden medals, 2003-2006). Senior Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance Professionals.


  • The Master’s Degree in the Science of Yoga, HNBG University (Srinagar, India).
  • The Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD), subject of scientific dissertation is “Treatment of mental (psychological) disorders by means of Yoga and Yoga therapy”, HNBG University (One of the largest universities in India).

Professional skills:

  • «Human’s consciousness and Yoga», DSVV University (Haridwar, India);
  • «Science of Yoga», IGNO University (Rishikesh, India),
  • «Naturopathic Therapy» Parmatkh Niketan Ashram (Rishikesh, India)


Ravinder Jangra was born in a Brahmin family in a small Indian village (state Haryana). He was just an ordinary boy, and, like all kids, loved to play with fellows and skip a school. For the first time the boy learned yoga from his father, who used to practice asanas, pranayama, meditation in the morning. And at the age of 12 he was transferred to the Vedic school to study ancient texts (Rigveda), mantras and yoga. At 16, Ravinder meets yoga teacher, who sends him to his guru in Rishikesh for further study and practice of yoga. This became a turning point in a life of the young man, when he began to devote all his time and thoughts to yoga and meditation. At 2001naturally Ravinder has been started to teach foreigner and indiand students as well.

Over the years Ravinder enters the HNBG University (one of the largest universities in India), takes part in the All Indian competitions of yoga-sport and won four gold medals. And at a certain point of his life he goes into seclusion, and lives in a small hut on the bank of the Ganges. At the same time (despite Ravinder’s distant location from the city) students from Rishikesh, who learned about him and his skills in the field of yoga and yoga therapy attended his classes.

After 3 years of reclusion Ravinder returned to the society and graduated from the university with a Master’s Degree “Science of Yoga» (HNBG University (Srinagar, India)), received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (thesis “The treatment of psychological disorders by means of Yoga and Yoga therapy” , HNBG University). Further study: “Human consciousness and Yoga» DSVV University (Haridwar, India), “Science of Yoga» IGNO University (Rishikesh, India), “Naturopathic therapy” Parmath Niketan Ashram (Rishikesh, India).

Presently Ravinder is the leading teacher of yoga and yoga therapy in Rishikesh. He is the founder and head of yoga studio «Tapasya Yoga» (Rishikesh). He teaches group classes, private lessons face-to-face, variety of workshops, and trainings of yoga instructors. Much attention is given to Yogatherapy in order to treat various diseases, helping people to regain their health, happiness and harmony in life.

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