Irina Rudyk

About the seminar: classes in the morning and evening, ablution in Ganga, and in general everything as it was—I think I would have lived so all my life. During those two weeks I caught myself on the fact that I do not think either about the past, or about the future, or about anything. Only some feeling and being in “now”, a sense of integrity and inner strength like in childhood.

The opportunity to ask questions and to receive answers, to experience peculiarities of some asanas and learning how to do them correctly was extremely valuable for me.

Thanks to Ravinder and Gomuhku for the opportunity to realize and to see (to the extent it was possible) the process of meditation differently.

An absolute revelation for me is the attitude of adults towards children in your home. So much love, patience, and total acceptance.

Thank you very much for the care, attention, generosity, and for the opportunity to learn from you and to visit such wonderful holy places of power.

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