Katya Zakorka

Of all the seminars and courses that I was destined to attend and to participate in, I can honestly say with my hand on my heart – it was the most complicated, the most full of risk and the power of love, immense courage over fear, escape from reality, uniqueness, and a very meaningful seminar, so much energy in such a short period, a perceptible effect that will echo in me for at least six months!!! Now it’s in me, early waking, meditation, activities, people, Ganga…You 🙂 Thank you so much for the work conducted, for inspiring me and not allowing me to relax even for a minute)))) for warm hospitality, delicious food and an unforgettable atmosphere at the lessons and lectures, I will never forget that night around the fire! I don’t even know, it seems to me some unknown invisible power was leading me to you, in the mountains, and especially downhill! ))))) My legs are almost healed, I’m going ahead in life, but I feel something has changed inside me, a new page in my life, thank you again, good on you, always be blessed, in love, with peace and in sunshine! Embracing long tenderly and warmly! Your Katyusha

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