Individual sessions

The advantage of individual yoga sessions is the possibility to select the right complex of asanas, pranayamas, meditation, which fits you best with consideration of the level of your personal fitness, health and aims of practice. At the individual sessions an instructor pays full attention to you, points out your mistakes when you perform asanas, pranayamas, explains and oversees the technique of performing shatcarm. It’a a good start for beginners as well as an opportunity for growth in personal development for advanced students. For those wishing to restore their health here an individual programme is offered: yoga therapy, selection of a special diet and Ayurvedic components, changing the daily regime, and living in the guest rooms of the studio. Yoga therapy sessions can last for 6 – 8 hours a day and yield quick and tangible results in rejuvenation of the whole body, recovery from many diseases, positive perception of life and its perfect harmonization.

Corporate sessions

Corporate sessions are conducted for 3–20 people in the company’s office or in a special practice room at any time convenient for you. As a rule, such services are provided to the employees of that company, which wishes to maintain physical and psychoemotional health of its employees on a high level, what enables to increase productivity and quality of work. But it is not required to be an employee of the company– you may gather your own group of friends or relatives and start practicing with an invited instructor in the place of your choice or in a rented hall.

Group sessions

The fundamental principles of the sessions are:

  • attentive work (condition of presence «here and now»);
  • breathing during the session remains rhythmical, natural for a certain asana;
  • correct performance of asanas (the instructor corrects mistakes of the students, if necessary);
  • maximum injury prevention;
  • lanation of the peculiarities of sessions;
  • asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, mudras, yoga-nidra, meditative techniques are all included in practice;
  • the sessions suit both for beginners and advanced students – there are both simple and more complex variants of performing asanas and other yoga techniques.
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