Yoga therapy – is a system of treatment, which is verified by practice of several millennia, and is based on methods of conscious awakening of body’s own powers. In Yoga therapy we use therapeutic performance of assanas, pranayama, bandhas, mudras, shatkarmas – depending on the type of disease, physical and psychological state of a person. Yoga-therapy has impact not only on the physical body (bones, muscles, and joints), as other forms of exercises do, but also on physiological level, having influence for example on liver, spleen, pancreatic, respiratory and blood circulating systems.

By means of Yoga-therapy almost any functional disease and many organic disorders may be treated: diseases of respiratory and blood circulating systems, digestion and blood systems, endocrine system, and locomotor apparatus, neuropsychic disorders, diseases of urinogenital system, chronic inflammatory processes; injuries, surgeries, poisoning and radioactive exposure consequences,  infective diseases, immune system disorders, allergic reactions, suppression of the body’s adaptive capacities and others.

At this point the efforts of the patient himself, his faith that the applied techniques will treat the disease, are very important.

Also, Yoga-therapy may be considered as a practice for getting rid of incorrect inner positions, assumptions, and models of world perception, which separately and combined are the true reasons of soul’s “disease”, and the bodily sickness just follows.

Yoga therapy makes an emphasis on the connection between peculiarities of inner state of a human and his health.

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