Participation agreement

Please, accept the following:

“As a student of your training course, I consent to my contact details (name, email and phone number) being passed onto our partners, Yoga Alliance Professionals, so they can contact me directly and invite me to register as a Trainee and Teacher. I understand that I have the option of opting out of this registration process”.

And read about our:

1. Privacy Policy.
Tapasya Yoga agrees not to disclose confidential information about the candidate students in the course to third parties without their consent. This information includes: contact information, personal information, health information, information about displacement etc.

2. Conditions of participation:
– Basic level (for participants who do not possess a teaching certification. Only a certificate of participation shall be granted)
– Intermediate level (2-4 years of practice)
– Advanced level (4 or more years of practice)
Important! Before the trip, please make sure that your state of health allows you to carry out activities such as a flight, accommodation in India for 1 month, and participation in the course.

3. Registration of the participants.
You need to fill in the registration form and wait for confirmation of your participation (confirmation will be sent within 1 week). After that, you need to pay the registration fee and send us a payment check, a passport-sized photo, and a photo or scanned copy of a valid passport (pages 1, 2, and registration).
The application is necessary to assess the physical and psychological readiness of the candidate for the instructors’ course.

Participant registration is accepted only with full completion of the registration form and payment of the pre-registration fee.
The school retains the right to reject the candidate profile without explanation, although a recommendation for a more suitable course might be given.
If a course is canceled (before the course begins) by the school administration, we will compensate your payment in full.

The registration fee is mandatory and will not be refunded in case of applicant refusal to participate in the course. The registration fee can be transferred to a different course within 2 years (only in the case of advance notice of refusal, but not less than 2 weeks before the course start date).

4. Certification of participants.
Tapasya Yoga School is certified according to international standards and meets the strict requirements of the Yoga Alliance Professionals. Teacher training courses meet the highest international training regulations set by the Yoga Alliance Professionals.
Those participants who successfully pass the exam will receive an international certificate, confirmed by the Yoga Alliance Professionals, and may also use the qualification/title ‘Registered Yoga Teacher’. Graduates also receive the ability to create an international database of teachers with Yoga Alliance Professionals and Tapasya Yoga School.
In case of exam failure, the participant will receive a certificate of participation which allows him/her to retake the exam in the future, or to take part in the teachers’ course again with a 40% discount.
The exam can only be successfully passed with a score of 80% or higher of correct answers. The exam takes place in two stages: written and oral.
After passing the training program, one may obtain additional certificates for specific levels:
– Certificate of participation – the achievement of education without passing the exams. On the basis of this certificate, the participant will have the opportunity to retake the exam within the next 3 years.
– Certificate of Basic level – grants the right to teach yoga for beginners.
– Certificate of Intermediate level – grants the right to teach yoga for advanced practitioners.
– Certificate of Advanced level – grants the right to teach yoga, basic techniques of Shatkarmas, pranayama, and concentration, for experienced practitioners as well as individuals. This certificate requires 100% attendance at all sessions of the course. Only students who attend at least 95% of all activities are permitted to take the exam. Missing an activity or session requires confirmation of an important reason or extenuating circumstance.

Included in the price:

          • Accommodation in 2-bed room
          • 2-time vegetarian food
          • All theoretical and practical sessions
          • All the necessary learning materials, including various materials / tools for the Shatkarmas.
          • Hiking to the waterfalls
          • Trekking in the mountains
          • Travel to the ancient temples and caves
          • Rafting
          • Ganga Arati Ceremony
          • Puja ceremony and Eve
          • Satsangs with invited masters and monks

Additional charges:

          • Flight
          • Transfer Rishikesh-Delhi and back
          • Medical insurance
          • Your personal expenses

5. Student rules at the teacher training course.
Rishi Patanjali highlighted 10 key codes of conduct which are an integral part of yoga practice. Students are required to understand and apply these codes while in Tapasya Yoga school (participants will become familiar with the code upon arrival at the school). Compliance with the moral norms of behavior during training will be taken into account through the course of examinations.
Discipline is an integral part of the training program, so the schedule of the day must be strictly observed. Disrespect for discipline and the daily routine may result in early release from the course without reimbursement.
Absence from class without prior warning to one of the teachers will be considered a gross violation of the rules.
Participants who arrive late to their session may not be permitted entry to the room after the start of class.
In order not to disrupt the timetable and the time allotted for each topic of the course, we have allocated special days for questions / answers. Student should write down all questions and adhere to the allotted time to ask questions. If the issue is important for the current practice being executed, you may make your request during class.
Before signing up for the course, each student instructor needs to understand that the process of teaching and learning methods may be different from those encountered in Western countries.
According to ancient texts of yoga, the student should be like an empty vessel to be filled with new knowledge coming from the teacher. However, a vessel may not be suitable due to contamination (emotional and mental confusion), an overturned state of being (not receptive of instruction), or leaking (failure to retain transmitted wisdom). Students must be like empty and clean vessels, ready to study yoga anew from the original source.

6. Suspension from participation.

While studying at teacher training course Tapasya Yoga, certain actions and behaviors are prohibited:
– Antisocial, rude, immoral, conflict seeking, unethical and disrespectful behavior of the participant with regard to the teachers and students of the course.
– Excitations of hostility or hate.
– Disrespect for the discipline and practice, or non-compliance with the daily routine.
– Absence at class without notice and extenuating circumstance.
– Use, or threat of use, of violence.
– Consumption of alcoholic beverages.
– Use of psychoactive substances.
In the case of non-compliance with at least one of the rules stated above by Tapasya Yoga, the administration reserves the right to suspend (disqualify) the participant from further continuation of the TTC (teacher training course) without reimbursement.

7. Refusal to participate.
Applicants withhold the right to refuse to participate in the TTC, but any payment made (whether full or partial) cannot be reimbursed if the applicant chooses to practice this right. Payment already made may be applied for the next course or seminar offered by Tapasya Yoga.

8. Limitation of liability
Course participants are responsible for any of their actions which lead to complications, injury, and other side effects.
The organization is not responsible for any of the actions of participants or third parties that lead to injury, side effects, various complications, and/or any adverse effects on health, as well as any damage to property which occurs as a result of these actions during participation in the course.

9. Obligations
The organization is committed to fully implementing the curriculum in accordance with the stated program, teaching all the theoretical and practical trainings, and providing participants with handouts, proper accommodation, and meals. The Organization agrees to give the participants a certificate of attendance in accordance with the stated level of certification.


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