Yoga Retreat in Goa

Have you ever forced yourself to practice? Do you feel lazy sometimes? At our seminar you will learn how to reach lightness, stability and balance of your mind and body during the asana practice and meditation. Only such a practice, which is always satisfying and pleasing for you without your having to force yourself, will let you dive into the depths of Yoga and understand its essence.

  • Date: 15 – 20 January and 21 – 26 January
  • Place: Goa (beautiful and quite place, 10 km far from Arambol)
  • Teachers: Ravinder Jangra and Elena Rushchak

You can participate in one retreat (6 days) or both (12 days) as well. The teaching program is different for both retreats.

  • Price: 300$ for 6 days and 500$ for 12 days

2 class per day, (one class is 3 hours)

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“We will learn and practice asanas, pranayama and shatkarmas. The practice of asanas (for people of all training levels) helps to find the strength and physical health and a special pranayama is oriented to all of the three balance gunas (tamas, rajas, sattva). Also, I’m going to tell you about all the advantages of performing Shatkarmas in detail. Here are some of them:

  • Shatkarmas help you to prepare yourself for meditation during sattva early morning);
  • They keep in balance all the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha). This is very important, because otherwise, if one of the doshas is overbalanced (especially kapha) then during the practice of asanas and pranayama you will lose more energy than you receive it.
  • Shatkarmas develop wish and desire for personal self-practice.
  • They help to understand the mind and body and feel the satisfaction of everyday activity.

And this is only part of all of the benefits Yoga practice brings you. We will discuss more about these and other aspects during the seminar. Moreover, you can always ask me a question on topic of interest to clear up different points, address any doubts you may haveand receive my full support”.

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Why did we choose Goa? Because it is our second home and we want you also feel the same.
When you get to Goa then you understand that the paradise on earth is here! Stereotypical paradise with azure sea, golden sand, picturesque palm trees and small bungalows.
Goa – the smallest and one of the most beautiful and rich states of India. It is stretched for hundreds of kilometers along the Arabian Sea and one beach flows into the other, and each is more and more beautiful.
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It is no wonder that this region was populated in the 60th by hippies, – romantics and nature lovers. The nature of Goa has something to please and surprise. And it’s not only about beautiful beaches, but also huge stone boulders, scenic waterfalls and lakes, tiny islands and mangrove thickets and, of course, countless palm and spice plantations. And all of this is in addition to lost temples and colorful markets.

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A unique atmosphere of freedom and pleasure holds sway here, multinational and multicultural. Adventure and serenity seekers as well as fun and relaxation lovers come here from all over the world.
For a long time Goa was ruled by the Portuguese and they blazed a large trail in this region. There are a lot of Catholics among the local residents and they are very friendly to visitors.

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