Yoga Retreat in Turkey (Adrasan) 20-27 August

Why don’t we combine yoga practice with the fascinating nature of one of the most picturesque places of South Turkey, magical mountain scenery, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and thinly populated wide beaches… And if it is being exercised under the guidance of an experienced master in the circle of friends and associates? Then nothing will prevent you from rising at least one level higher in the sense of understanding your life, practice and, namely, yourself as a person.


Dear friends, we invite you to get acquainted with the new location for yoga practice under the guidance of Ravinder Jangra, namely, with a paradise in the south of Turkey – village Adrasan. It’s no wonder that Adrasan is increasingly becoming more popular for yoga seminars and other spiritual practices. A quiet life and nature of the village inspire to meditate and to contemplate beauty of human world both external and internal.

Why did we choose Adrasan? Because this quiet, clean and beautiful place is perfect for our seminar. Here you can combine intensive training with deep relaxation. The village is not overcrowded by tourists, local beaches are almost empty, bays here are quiet and cozy. Evergreen forests and exotic fruit trees will give you an alluring cool and warm sea – refreshing energy. Anyone, who was in Adrasan, describes its advantages differently, but almost everyone highlights the fact that “this place isn’t spoiled by tourists”.


In addition, for those who enjoy an active and cognitive type of rest there may be variety of excursions. You will have the possibility to touch the hoary history, visiting the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos, taking a walk to the top of Mount Chimaera, described in “The Iliad”, where you can see the magnificent spectacle – as on the top of the mountain fire emerges within the rock gaps because of the gas leakage from underground… And, in addition, yacht trips, survey of local bays, friendly meetings in a cozy restaurant right on the river are waiting for you.

For our seminar we chose the hotel “Aybars” which is located on the edge of the village in the shade of a lush garden near the bay of Adrasan. Bright and comfortable hotel rooms offer stunning views on the turquoise sea and green mountains. It has comfortable lounge with large windows as well as an orchard for yoga classes and delicious vegetarian food at the restaurant on the river.


Our seminar consists of seven days under the guidance of an aware and experienced master Ravinder Jangra, who has very soft but at the same time powerful positive energy.

The retreat program contains effective yoga exercises, knowledge of ancient texts and methods for its usege in modern life. We will cover all those things that are an obstacle both for yoga practice and for happy life.



  • The practice of asanas (a combination of soft and strength asanas, vinyasa). Special attention will be paid to the way of breathing and concentration during practice;
  • Principles of correct performance of asanas and of proper work with spine and joints;
  • Shatkarmas (purification technique). Major aspects of performance for solution of certain tasks that are related to purification of physical and energy bodies, increasing energy levels, internal and external rejuvenation.
  • The impact on the physical and energy body. The main types of pranayama and its proper performance;
  • Meditation techniques;
  • Yoga Nidra –yogic sleep;
  • Theoretical information and answers to questions about yoga practice as well as lectures on the topic of yoga

You will receive not only new knowledge and skills in Yoga but also you will achieve a new level of physical and mental health.

So, we are waiting for you in an magnificent place to make a magical journey into the world of Yoga and to discover our inner unlimited possibilities together…


Cost of training is 350$, if registration until June 20 – 300$. You can stay more after the end of seminar.

Accommodation and food: 350$ for 7 nights, price includes 3-time meals. Staying for free for children under 6 years old, under 12 years old – 50% discount.

Flight costs depends on your airlines.


  • If registration until June 20 – 50$
  • For couples – 100$ for two.
  • Bring a Friend Discount 50$: for each person, brought to the seminar, who had never participated in Tapasya Yoga seminars and classes, and got to know about the course from you.

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