Yoga Retreat in Ukraininan Carpathians. July – August 2017

Welcome to everyone who is interested in yoga as a integral system of human development and a tool for a qualitative change of our own lives.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner: at our yoga’s retreats everyone discovers new things and receives invaluable experience.


The retreat is useful for raising your own practice level, releasing accumulated stress, improving health,
renovating peace of mind, and receiving a boost of inspiration to further yoga practice!

  • Dates: 7 – 9 July и 4-6 August
  • Venue: Ukrainian Carpathians, Slavske
  • Price: USD 100, for couple 160

Accommodation and transportation: we will reserve a hotel and a taxi-bus for the group or a personal taxi (if you arrive at a different time).

At yoga sessions you will learn how to practice asanas (including strength) with pleasure and inner relaxation, get rid of stress and blocks in the body and mind, increase your energy level, change the quality of life, and sense perception and relationships with the world around.

We’ll talk about those things that distinguish the asanas practice from ordinary physical education.


The yoga retreat program:

The practice of asanas (a combination of soft and strength asanas, as well as vinyasa). The special focus will be on breathing, and extra attention to concentration during practice;
the impact of asanas on the chakra system and the system of nadi energy channels. The special asana and vinyasa complex of accumulation and transformation of energy in chakras, and the purification of thin channels;
the impact on the physical and energetic body. The main types of pranayama and proper performance;
meditation techniques;
Yoga Nidra – yogic sleep.


Carpathian mountains are full of a natural beauty.


Meditation in the forest, trips to the mountains lakes, mountain trekking and many other things will facilitate smooth studies and delightful Yoga practice. And owing to the balanced nutrition, the application of herbal teas, favorable impact of nature, useful knowledge and methods, you will be able to perform a quality cleansing of your body. Having cleansed yourself of waste and toxins, you will free yourself from many emotional issues, strengthen the immune system and will acquire an inexhaustible supply of energy for new accomplishments.


Experience these joyous moments in the circle of like-minded people and friends. Over the time spent practicing and travelling by your side, they can become truly close and dear people to you.

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